Welcome to the governance and performance blog, hosted by the International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Research Centre  at Macquarie University.

IGAP brings together academic experts in governance and performance with professionals and leaders from industry and government. We will provide updates and commentary on the latest events, research and ideas in governance, including financial, non-financial and integrated reporting, auditing and assurance, sustainability and business performance measures.

You can also join our experts in our online forum to discuss how the latest developments and analysis in governance affects you and your organisation. To join the discussion, simply make a comment below.

You can stay up to date with the latest developments by opting to follow our blog, this way you’ll know when we’ve posted a new, relevant item.

I look forward to you joining the conversation,

Prof. Nonna Martinov-Bennie, IGAP Director


The International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Research Centre  at Macquarie University is a dynamic, outward-looking research centre that addresses contemporary issues in international governance and performance. IGAP has established itself as a recognised interdisciplinary research hub that aims to influence the international governance agenda through impactful, independent, and applicable research.

IGAP partners with business, government and professional communities, bringing the best minds together to respond to critical and emerging business issues in governance processes, financial reporting regimes and performance.

As our name suggests, IGAP is concerned with matters relating to international governance and performance including:

  • Regulation and the global compliance frameworks
  • Financial, non-financial and integrated reporting and assurance
  • Ethics, risk, sustainability and professional issues
  • International accounting and emerging economies
  • Management control and performance measurement
  • Business information systems and collaborative designs



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